Indoor Strawberries and Blueberries

Indoor Strawberry Plants

Growing up as a young child, we used to spend parts of our summers at our grandparent’s summer home in southern Wisconsin. My grandmother particularly enjoyed growing strawberries and blueberries in her garden … but so did all the local birds! Now there’s a solution to our feathered friends pilfering strawberries and blueberries from your garden – grow them indoors with these easy care indoor/outdoor plants designed to grow in containers.

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The indoor strawberry plant, known as the Tristan Strawberry, will give you fresh strawberries for picking all year around! The strawberries are as large, or larger, than you’ll find in the grocery store, with the added benefit of being fresher and sweeter.

The plant itself tops out at about 12 inches tall, and has a lateral spread of about 20 inches or so. The added benefit of this hardy grower is the beautiful deep red flowers that bloom in spring when the plant is about to fruit. We’ve had success growing this plant both indoors and outdoors. The key to its success is a sunny window, or patio or balcony, providing about 6 hours of sun per day.

Other than ample exposure to sun and watering every five to seven days, there’s not much care needed. Lately, we’ve been growing this plant indoors and moving it outdoors for a few months during the summer. Taking this strawberry plant outside isn’t necessary, though. It’s a self pollinating plant so it doesn’t need a mate to produce fruit.

Indoor blueberry plant

Indoor Blueberry Plant

The blueberry plant, a recent introduction by the Michigan State Experimentation Center, is known as Top Hat Blueberry. This plant grows only two feet tall and is designed to grow in containers. You can put it on your patio if you’d like, but just like the indoor strawberry plant, it does quite well indoors in a sunny window. The blueberry plant is just as hardy as the strawberry as well. Sunlight is the key factor, although we’ve found they can tolerate a little more neglect and a less sunny window. Still, you should try to provide six hours of sun per day for this plant. A southern or western exposure window sill usually works just fine.

The blueberries from the Top Hat Blueberry are slightly larger than those you’ll find at the grocery store. The plant yields several pounds of fruit which typically ripens by the middle to latter part of summer. The plant’s green foliage contrasted with the deep blueberries make it a very handsome addition to any indoor living space. You can also take this plant outdoors for the warmer months if you wish, although it’s not a requirement.

There’s nothing quite like picking fresh strawberries or blueberries for breakfast from your very own fruit plants! Bottom line, all you really need to succeed with these plants are a sunny window or window sill if you choose to grow them indoors. If you’re placing the container outside, a sunny patio or balcony is a similar ticket to success. If you have the plants outdoors, you can protect them from “predators” (hungry birds!) by placing some loose protective wiring around them. This won’t interfere with the sun, but protects the berries so you can enjoy them!

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