Indoor Coffee Trees

People often claim that organic coffee tastes best. We’re not much on coffee, only drinking it on occasion, but for those who enjoy coffee as much as they like to garden, here’s a plant that is sure to strike your fancy – an indoor coffee plant.

The coffee plant is really quite easy to grow, although there are a few specific care tips you’ll need to follow (see below). Most small coffee plants take a long time to mature, as long as five years. We recommend buying a plant that is at least 2-3 years old to shorten the time for fruit yield.

Indoor coffee plant 1

Coffee plants are really eye catching and make a beautiful addition to any living space. They bloom white flowers with an intoxicating jasmine scent. And they actually do quite well indoors!

The plant will begin to produce fruit at the three year mark or slightly thereafter. Be patient because sometimes the plant won’t start fruiting until the five year mark.

Most people refer to the fruit as a coffee bean, but it’s actual name is coffee cherry. The fruit will begin as a light green and takes about eight months until it is mature and ready to harvest. The fruit changes color along the way, first to yellow, then orange, and finally dark red when it’s ready to be picked. Inside the fruit pod are two coffee beans, these are what you roast. You can literally grind your very own fresh coffee! Here’s a picture of the fruit in various shades of ripeness:

Indoor Coffee Plant

Indoor Coffee Tree Care Tips

As mentioned, there are a few specific things to keep in mind when caring for your plant. The first is temperature requirements. These plants need warmth and do not do well in environments under 50 degrees. In an indoor environment, a temperature range between 60 and 80 degrees is sufficient. If you place the plant outdoors, be watchful of night time temperatures, as even one cold night can permanently damage your plant.

The second care tip involves sunlight. They prefer filtered vs. direct sunlight, so keep the plant near a window but not directly in the window.

In terms of watering, we recommend you keep the soil slightly moist. Don’t over water as the plant doesn’t like sitting in soggy soil, but you should plant to water every other day or so, especially if your indoor environment tends to be dry. Your plant will enjoy humidity, and lots of it, so mist frequently. Make sure the container has adequate drainage, as this will prevent standing water and soggy roots.

Fertilizing your indoor coffee tree is also important. Use a good all purpose fruit tree fertilizer according to directions. In the spring and summer, roughly March through October, fertilize the plant monthly. From November through February, you can abstain from fertilizing or just fertilize twice during this four month period, i.e. every other month.

These plants can grow as tall as nine to ten feet, although most top out at seven to eight. You can always prune the tree a bit if you’re concerned about it becoming too tall.

About six weeks after you fertilize, berries will start to appear! They take about eight months to fully mature, and as mentioned above, they’re ready to pick when they turn dark red. As the picture above shows, the berries mature at different times. Be sure to wait until they’re fully mature before harvesting.

A coffee plant is fun to grow, and they are quite rewarding. They require a bit more care than most indoor fruit trees, but as long as you follow our suggested care routine, your plant should thrive for years.

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