The Fruit Cocktail Tree

The fruit cocktail tree was created in the 1990s by grafting multiple fruit trees of the same type on to one root system. They were not very resistant and needed to be grown by experienced gardeners. The fruit cocktail tree is frequently grown outdoors and is also known as a fruit salad tree. It is possible to buy a cocktail tree in a stone fruit, apple, pear, and of course our favorite is the citrus tree variety. Nowadays you can buy dwarf fruit cocktail trees with a root system for each plant making them stronger and easier to grow.

The citrus cocktail tree

The Dwarf Fruit Cocktail Tree

The indoor specimen is known as the dwarf citrus cocktail tree or 3 in 1 citrus tree and has been genetically engineered to thrive in a container; thereby limiting it’s height at maturity.

If you can’t decide which fruit you like best, this tree is for you. Topping off at four feet tall but yielding full size fruit, this unique variety gives you a crop of lemons, oranges, and tangerines from one tree!

Where can I buy a Dwarf Citrus Fruit Cocktail Tree for Sale? 

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The tree yields about an equal amount of each of the three fruits, and with proper care you can expect several pounds of fruit per crop, which typically arrive twice per year once the tree is mature enough to produce fruit. The tree you’ll receive is about two years old and it normally starts yielding fruit as it approaches its third year.

3 in 1 Citrus Tree Care

Like most indoor citrus, the 3 in 1 citrus tree is easy to care for. The only basic requirements are several hours of direct sunlight per day and frequent watering. We recommend placing the container in a western or southern exposure window to soak up the afternoon sun.

The citrus cocktail tree loves humidity, so if your home environment runs on the dry side, give your humidity level a boost with a spray bottle. We like to mist our indoor fruit trees as it increases the humidity level and they seem to respond well. Plus, misting tends to ward off any pests like fruit flies that might be attracted to the plant.

If possible, let the 3 in 1 citrus tree enjoy a little outdoor time in the summer months. It isn’t mandatory, but most indoor fruit trees enjoy a few months outdoors. Once the night time temperatures start dropping below 50 on a consistent basis, bring the tree indoors and place it back in a sunny window.

You should begin to see your citrus fruit cocktail develop fruit about a year to fifteen months after you receive your tree, all things being equal. Give it a monthly dose of citrus tree fertilizer to help it along and be sure to adhere to a weekly watering schedule. Don’t over water … this is the most common reason why indoor fruit trees fail. Wait until the soil is completely dry before watering, which is typically once a week or maybe every ten days if your home is dry and lacking humidity.

The citrus cocktail tree is probably the most unique indoor fruit tree you can buy. Your family will enjoy having orchard fresh fruit right at their fingertips! The fruit cocktail tree is a wonderful addition to your home.

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