Indoor Avocado Tree and Pepper Plants

We are really enjoying seeing all the latest introductions of indoor plants and trees that yield edible fruits!

Indoor Avocado Trees

The very latest is the Indoor Avocado Tree, which can be used as a patio plant in warmer climates, or a combination patio/indoor tree in colder areas like where we live in the upper midwest.

Indoor avocado plant

The indoor avocado tree is especially appealing because avocados are incredibly good for you and very rich in vitamins and nutrients. In our local grocery store, we typically have to pay about $1 each for avocados, so this tree will undoubtedly pay for itself in no time … plus you’ll really notice the difference in taste with an avocado picked directly from a tree versus store bought. Your avocados will be much fresher and you might not ever want a grocery store avocado again!

We actually learned about these cold hardy avocado trees from a friend here outside of Chicago. He has one on his patio, planted in a container, and he brings it indoors and places it by a sunny window in the cooler months. If you have a greenhouse, these trees will do well because of the higher humidity levels commonly found in most greenhouses. The avocados themselves are the famous Haas avocados, known for their creamy texture and mild, slightly nutty flavor. They make the best guacamole! Or, use them in salads or sliced onto your favorite sandwich. We’ve even taken to adding a few avocado slices on our burgers!

This indoor-friendly avocado tree produces fruit nearly year around, with a slight down period in colder months. According to our friend, his tree yields well over 20 pounds of fruit yearly, even though his tree isn’t quite fully mature.

The avocado tree will grow to about 15 feet in a container, but of course it can be pruned to limit the height if that’s needed for your indoor space. You can use a balanced organic fertilizer three times yearly; there’s no need to fertilize during the winter. As for watering, it’s best not to over water, so make sure the soil is dry before adding water. If the soil is at all moist, wait and check again in a couple of days.

Indoor Pepper Plant

This handsome plant is one of our absolute favorite varieties … if you like peppers for a stir fry, tacos, salads, or any other dish, you can now enjoy the convenience of an indoor pepper plant.

Indoor pepper plant

This prolific little grower tops off at less than 2 feet high and yields several dozen “finger style” peppers of varying colors. The peppers themselves have a taste similar to a bell pepper … not hot or burning. You’ll be able to harvest these peppers pretty much year around … give it ample sunlight and water when the soil is almost completely dry.

The indoor pepper plant is a brand new variety that’s becoming extremely popular due to its easy care and abundant yield!

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