Indoor Orange Tree

If you happen to live in a northern state as we do, you’ve probably experienced sticker shock when shopping for oranges in the grocery store. Oranges, like most citrus fruits, are susceptible to freezes and inclement weather conditions, so prices can soar if Mother Nature interferes with the citrus crop.

You can eliminate this concern by growing your own fresh oranges at home with a beautiful and fragrant indoor orange tree … this prolific variety of indoor citrus delivers several pounds of full size super fresh oranges annually. Having owned one of these handsome little specimens for several years now, we can confidently state that the fruit is much sweeter and juicier than any oranges we’ve bought at the grocery store! There’s nothing quite like “fresh picked”.

Indoor orange tree care

Your indoor orange tree will typically yield full size oranges within 12 months, give or take a few months. The tree itself is very compact and will fit into practically any living space. It only grows about four feet tall and is quite easy to care for, although we do recommend misting it several times a week (every other day or so) to keep its immediate environment humid. Since it’s a citrus tree, it will thrive on ample direct sunlight as well as higher levels of humidity, just like the outdoor environment in Florida.

We’ve owned one of these trees for about six years. One of the best things about it, besides the fresh oranges, is the wonderfully fragrant orange blossoms that literally fill the room with a fresh, tropical scent.

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Indoor Clementine Trees

This is one of the most beautiful indoor trees available – the indoor clementine tree.

Clementines are especially popular due to their sweet and slightly tart taste. Plus, they’re practically seedless and extremely easy to peel (even a young child can peel a clementine with ease!).

This prolific little grower will top out at about three feet and will supply you with many pounds of sweet fresh fruit throughout the year. It is very easy to grow and needs no special care, other than the standard indoor citrus requirements, like lots of direct sunlight, humidity augmented by misting, and adequate (but not too much) watering.

Indoor Blood Orange Trees

Have you ever tasted a blood orange?

Named for the reddish-orange color of their fruit (see picture), the blood orange tree is one of the most cold hardy orange trees in the U.S. They’re very tolerant of both soil and weather conditions, and do extremely well indoors in the colder months. They’re most commonly used in recipes (great with pan roasted chicken!) but can be eaten and enjoyed like any variety of orange.

Blood Orange Tree

The indoor blood orange tree’s blossoms are extremely fragrant and will literally freshen the air in your entire room.

Blood oranges are known as one of the healthiest fruits to eat, as they’re loaded not only with Vitamin C but several helpful antioxidants as well. This beautiful specimen will top out at about 12 feet and can easily be grown outdoors in warmer climates, but it’s easily pruned to limit its height in smaller spaces. Ample exposure to sun and weekly watering are about all it needs to thrive.

Any of these indoor orange specimens are a great addition to your home, since they’re as good looking as they are prolific. They really add a tropical feel to a sun porch or sunny room, and are great conversation pieces too!

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