Indoor Tangerine Trees

There’s a brand new variety of indoor citrus tree now available, and if you’re into healthy, vitamin rich tangerines, this one’s for you!

It’s the indoor tangerine tree, specifically designed to grow indoors. This indoor citrus tree will grow to about 2-3 feet tall and will produce tangerines practically the same size as those you’d find in a supermarket. Their taste, though, is sweeter and even more delicious, because they’re fresh off the tree!

Indoor tangerine tree

Like most indoor citrus trees, the indoor tangerine tree will appreciate a few months outdoors during the warmer summer months. Its blossoms are a beautiful white color, and don’t be surprised when your tree attracts hummingbirds! This is especially beneficial because the hummingbirds will help pollinate the fruit.

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This small tree, like most indoor citrus varieties, is self pollinating … meaning it doesn’t need a companion tree or to be placed outdoors to produce fruit. We do find, however, that most of these trees tend to do better in terms of fruit production when placed in pairs or even three trees. They don’t have to be placed right next to one another in your home … just within reasonable proximity. Nor is it a requirement that you place your tree outdoors in summer months. They will tend to be more healthy and vibrant with a little outdoor exposure, though.

The relatively small size of this tree makes it ideal for a sunny window sill if you’re tight for space. Under normal circumstances, you should expect fruit in about 12 months, with consistent yield of several pounds yearly.

Indoor Tangelo Trees

If you’ve never tasted a tangelo, well, you’ve been missing out…

Most known for their delicious, sweet juice, a tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. The most common variety of tangelo is the minneola and that’s the type of tree that’s available for purchase. Here’s a picture of what tangelos look like:

Indoor Tangelo Tree

Your indoor tangelo tree will typically grow to about 10-12 feet at maturity. Fruit tends to arrive late in the year, usually in December and continues on into January and February. Another crop typically appears in summer. If the mature height of the tree concerns you, don’t worry. They are easily pruned to prevent them from growing too tall. One of our neighbors owns this variety and it topped out at almost exactly ten feet.

This is another tree that is very easy care and insect and disease resistant. They like a humid environment, so mist them every other day or so. Like any indoor citrus, the indoor tangelo tree will also benefit from some outdoor time in the warmer months of the year.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference in taste between store bought tangerines and those harvested from your own indoor tree. At fruit groves and orchards, tangerines are picked while they’re still a bit unripened. This allows the grower to transport the fruit to your grocer, and the grocery store ample time to store the fruit until it’s purchased.

Fruit on an indoor tangerine tree can fully ripen on the tree itself, and that’s the difference. The tangerines practically burst with flavor, and they’re a great deal sweeter than anything you can buy in the store.

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