The Indoor Lime Tree

If you’re anything like we are in the kitchen, chances are you use limes in cooking as much or more than lemons. And while limes usually aren’t as expensive as lemons, an indoor lime tree is a wonderful addition to any home.

Typically, dwarf lime trees grow to about 2-3 feet tall. They’re an excellent container plant and care is minimal. The most important care factors are direct sunlight and moderate watering. They do best in a humid environment but don’t fret if your house tends to be dry – just mist the tree several times a week.

Indoor lime tree care

You should water your tree roughly every seven to ten days; before watering, the soil should have no hint of dampness. Check by sticking your index finger down into the soil as far as it’ll go. If the soil is completely dry, it’s time to water. After watering, the soil should be just on the dry side of moist.

This tree, like most indoor citrus, is self pollinating, meaning you don’t need a companion tree to get fruit (although we’ve noted these trees do better in pairs or even multiples – we own three!). If you can, place it outdoors on a sunny patio or balcony in the warm months, they enjoy the exposure to fresh air!

Buy an Indoor Lime Tree for Your Home

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Your tree will yield several pounds of limes every year. Your tree normally begins to set fruit anywhere from nine to fifteen months after you receive it. During times when it is not fruiting, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful white blossoms that provide a sweet, fresh scent that will act as a natural air freshener!

Don’t spend too much – you can get a well established, 12 month old indoor lime tree for about $20, delivered directly to your home.

Indoor lime tree Indoor Key Lime Trees

If you like to cook like we do, you might consider an indoor key lime tree. Key limes, as you probably know, are different than the normal limes you’ll find in a grocery store or those produced from an indoor lime tree as described above.

The biggest difference is the slightly smaller size and the taste. Key limes are slightly tarter, and some might say more sweet. They’re often used in recipes, specifically for pies and other desserts. If you enjoy a tall cool adult beverage, a wedge of key lime is the idea companion for a gin and tonic or your favorite Mexican style beer!

In the store, key limes can be noticeably more expensive than regular limes. Not to worry! This handsome little indoor tree will keep you supplied all year around with these refreshing limes. As an added bonus, this indoor key lime tree (sometimes known as the Mexican lime tree) acts as a natural room air freshener, you’ll love the fragrant tropical scent!

We should note that this tree costs a bit more than a standard indoor lime, but the bountiful crops of key limes will pay for the cost many times over, year after year..

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